Friday 4 November 2011

Running Guns to the Rebels

The Severn Riverside Wharf Labours Federation (SRWLF) had been running low on weapons and ammo recent engagements had not gone well, Harry Doyle had arranged for a contact in Birmingham to bring down a cache of weapons via the canal.
The barge was due to arrive at 8.00pm it was now 8.15pm and no sign of the barge, awaiting on the Bridge at the back of Perdiswell House, Harry and 20 of his most trusted fighters became nervous, the phone in the gate house kept ringing how much longer could he afford to wait.


The scenario was lifted from the Too Fat Lardies Suppliment - Triumphant Standards.
Scenario Nine - Running Guns to the Rebels.

Turn One
After being alerted by the Game Keeper at Perdiswell House a section of Local Police set out to investigate the Bridge and a larger parked after curfew.


Turn Two
Members of the SRWLF line the hedge row and pin down the approaching police... Where is that barge.


Turn Three
Alerted by the shooting members of the Household approach through the woods to help drive off the ne'er do wells.


Turn Four
The barge arrives with 10 armed defenders, they pour fire into members Household Staff forcing them into the undergrowth.


Turn Five
Members of the Astwood Defence Association arrive to support the local Police, they push through the local corn fields and push on towards the canal, scattered firing comes from the SRWLF who are now under preasure to hold the bridge.



Reluctantly Harry signals the barge to head back down stream and heads off into the darkness of the grounds of Perdiswell House, the weapons would have to wait.....

A cracking kick start to the next batch of games for the Worcester VBCW.

Monday 25 April 2011

Tin Can Alley

The Henwick Anglican Militia has been under pressure for several weeks, they had limited weaponry and waring factions on all sides. Messages had been sent to the Anglicans in Hereford for assistance and a scratch force had been pulled together with the intention of sneaking into the Anglican enclave. Under the cover of a number of Car Bombs in the city the column entered the Western Suburbs via the Bromyard Road.

There was no sign of government forces but the Anglican column hit a snag as it attempted to pass Dines Green, The road over the local brook was blocked by elements of the Dines Green Collective a left wing faction seeking to protect their enclave from all comers.


The column halts on the crest of the hill and an infantry section is sent forward to clear the row of shops backing on to the local brook, as they near the shops firing erupts from the upper windows forcing the approaching Anglicans to go to ground.


The DGC defenders open fire with a light anti-tank weapon hoping to halt the column, they succeed in damaging the steering of one armoured car before being silenced by concentrated HMG fire.


The DGC armoured lorry pulls back out of the line of sight.


On the right flank the DGC advance through the Maze field hoping to close with the column, but are engaged by the defenders from the hill crest.


Outnumbered by two to One the Anglican defenders are forced from the hill top.


Seeing there chance the column rushes for the bridge, the DGC fire from ambush positions on the left and right of the road but are unable to stop the column.



Anglican Infantry clear the Ambush positions from the bridge and the lorries with the valuable supplies press on.

Whilst one of the lorries suffers engine damage the DGC are forced to fall back from the bridge as their Armoured Lorry is destroyed by a well placed round from the Anglican Armoured Car.


The Road to Henwick is Clear.

Sunday 10 October 2010

Save that Gun !!!!

Since the opening salvo in the war things have been quiet for the Astwood Defence Association. They had guarded their parish boundary from "wrong'uns" and had cooperated with the authorities when required to do so.

With 149 men to call upon and a WW1 Artillery piece as the centre of power they believed they could see out the current difficulties until peace resumed.

That was until the crack down, fliers were posted at the guildhall requesting that all weapons were handed in to the Government to aid in the war effort. Sources within the council has indicated to the ADA that if they did not offer up the Artillery piece it would be taken by force.

With the gun they knew they would be easy pickings for other stronger forces close by. The Gun would have to be moved, if only they had time....


High Trees Farm and the surrounding countryside, the ADA had to get the gun off table it would take three turns to limber up the gun and get it off table.

The Government forces advance on three fronts hoping to cut off all escape returns for the ADA and their valuable treasure.


The Lewis Gun in the farm house opens up and forces the eastern squad to go to ground after receiving a number of casualties.


The BUF advance towards the Orchard where a number of the ADA are hunkered down.


Meanwhile to the South the Police debus to cut off any escape route.

Still unclear which route the ADA have chosen to leave the table the government attempt to block off every route, from the farm yard the rumble of an engine is heard as the bus to carry the gun is started up.


The lewis gun continues to pin the eastern forces, whilst in the south the ADA rush forward to force the police from the road a heavy firefight ensues and despite the police rushing the hedge row they are forced back with a number of casualties.

The ADA seize their opportunity to breakout of the farm house and turn south.


The BUF rush down the road firing on the road, they manage to shoot a tire out on the coach slowing it's movement but are forced in to cover as several of their number are cut down from that damned lewis gun.


Despite recovering their morale the Police in the south do not have enough strength to stop the gun being whisked away.

The encountered was played using the Operation Overlord rule set, the Government forces suffered 6 Killed and 11 wounded, whilst the ADA lost 4 of their number and 3 killed.

The encounter took just under 3 hours to play out.

Friday 2 July 2010

Campaign Week 4 Report. - "Rise of the League"

Led by the Reverend Albert Fellows , the Anglican League supporters in Worcester have so far been restricted to doing little more than defend their base of power, the parish of Henwick.

Indeed the only offensive operation they have conducted up until now has been to take pot shots across the Severn at Royalist and BUF forces, with little significant result except expend precious rounds of ammunition.

Frustrated by an inability to conduct more aggressive actions , Fellows has been conducting a war of words against the enemies of the Anglican League from the pulpit of St Clements church , regularly delivering inspiring and fearsome sermons to his congregation .

However an influx of League supporters and much needed supplies provided by Anglican Forces from Hereford via the Malverns has led Reverend Fellows to pronounce that the time has come for the Henwick Anglican Militia ( of HAM as it is referred to by all and sundry ) to take the fight to the enemy , and not to rest until the Anglican League flag flies over Worcester Cathedral !

Thursday 24 June 2010

Campaign Week 3 Report - "It's a family affair"

There had always been an unofficial rule since the troubles started. As long as the "family" kept a low profile and kept their criminal ways to a minimum the local police would keep out of Rainbow Hill.
However recently the local watch commander had been causing trouble by poking his nose into the affairs of Costello and his gang, lorries had been impounded and goods confiscated.
It was time to send a message to the local government that this interference would not be tolerated.

Dawn on the 18th saw a heavily armed masked gang emerge on the wooded hill over the Brickfields Road Checkpoint, with the intention of routing the local BUF Section and their Supporting Police allies.
The lay out of the checkpoint was well known, Costello had even managed to get hold of plans of the force dispositions so he knew the weak points.
Unfortunately this correspondent ran out of film so the actual events could not be recorded.

The Brickfield Road Checkpoint as seen from the hill above King George V playing fields. The supporting trenches on the railway embankment can be seen towards the rear of the table covering the neighbouring parish of Astwood.

The approaches to the Brickfields checkpoint with the Platoon HQ and HMG position on the right of the picture.

The masked raiders swept down from the hill over running the lead slit trench and engaging in vicious hand to hand on the slit trenches built into the railway embankment on the far left of the checkpoint.
The HMG and Astwood trench was able to pour fire on to the advancing raiders which momentarily halted their advance, with a number of their gang members killed or wounded, Costello seriously considered withdrawing from the table as he did not wish to be identified as the assailant.
Things got worse when members of the Astwood Defence Association appeared on the far table edge passed through BUF lines and heading straight for the masked raiders.

Members of 1 Platoon the Astwood Defence Association (ADA)

Members of 2 Platoon the Astwood Defence Association (ADA)

However as they fed their way through the BUF trenches they turned on the fascist defenders killed several and forcing the remaining troops to flee the position.

The Rainbow Hill men seeing the tide turning pushed on driving the remaining government troops from the table fleeing through Rainbow Hill tunnel.

Unopposed the raiders torched the checkpoint.
A good night for Costello, casualties were light and no one was alive to report his involvement. As far as the local Police and BUF were concerned this was an attack by the Astwood Defence Association things could not be better for the family.

Saturday 22 May 2010

Campaign Week 2 Report

Buoyed by the success of the previous week, the SRWLF look to consolidate their position in the City.
The fascists have for a long while held an OP in the park land on Fort Royal Hill over looking the city and it's approaches from the South, this has been used to interdict the movements from the SRWLF and other opposing factions, if the SRWLF could secure this position they could move freely in the southern part of the city.

Crossing the canal at Sidbury, the plan is a simple one, flank the bunker covering the park entrance and seize control of the OP.

Using the lock gate and a local canal boat leading elements of the SRWLF push through the surrounding buildings, a small BUF patrol is sighted on the right flank but is largely ignored as the SRWLF pushed forward.

Elements of the BUF defenders move down the hill to engage the SRWLF, the Marxists are forces left and break cover from behind one of the town houses to be met by a whithering fire from the BUF platoon lining the tree line, taking several casualties they are forced to fall back.

The SRWLF centre company push forward to secure the terrace houses facing the park and force the defending BUF to fall back, but mindful of the fascist HMG positioned on the hill are content to only fire at distance rather than venture out into the open for more than a few seconds.

The BUF patrol ignored in the first turn had worked it's way into a position to fire on the flank of the SRWLF and had covered the canal escape route, sensing the battle swinging in their favour they burst from cover in a bold attempt to seize the command elements of the SRWLF.

This was the last straw for the Marxists and they were forced to leave the table leaving a number of their wounded behind.

The initiative has passed to the BUF....

Wednesday 19 May 2010

Campaign Week 2 Report Pt 2

The local press in Worcester have reported the following story on well known business man George Perry of the famous local sauce. It is unknown at present the strength of his Factory Defence Militia but as the situation in the city worsen's the city is crying out for a true leader.