Saturday, 22 May 2010

Campaign Week 2 Report

Buoyed by the success of the previous week, the SRWLF look to consolidate their position in the City.
The fascists have for a long while held an OP in the park land on Fort Royal Hill over looking the city and it's approaches from the South, this has been used to interdict the movements from the SRWLF and other opposing factions, if the SRWLF could secure this position they could move freely in the southern part of the city.

Crossing the canal at Sidbury, the plan is a simple one, flank the bunker covering the park entrance and seize control of the OP.

Using the lock gate and a local canal boat leading elements of the SRWLF push through the surrounding buildings, a small BUF patrol is sighted on the right flank but is largely ignored as the SRWLF pushed forward.

Elements of the BUF defenders move down the hill to engage the SRWLF, the Marxists are forces left and break cover from behind one of the town houses to be met by a whithering fire from the BUF platoon lining the tree line, taking several casualties they are forced to fall back.

The SRWLF centre company push forward to secure the terrace houses facing the park and force the defending BUF to fall back, but mindful of the fascist HMG positioned on the hill are content to only fire at distance rather than venture out into the open for more than a few seconds.

The BUF patrol ignored in the first turn had worked it's way into a position to fire on the flank of the SRWLF and had covered the canal escape route, sensing the battle swinging in their favour they burst from cover in a bold attempt to seize the command elements of the SRWLF.

This was the last straw for the Marxists and they were forced to leave the table leaving a number of their wounded behind.

The initiative has passed to the BUF....

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Campaign Week 2 Report Pt 2

The local press in Worcester have reported the following story on well known business man George Perry of the famous local sauce. It is unknown at present the strength of his Factory Defence Militia but as the situation in the city worsen's the city is crying out for a true leader.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Campaign Week 1 Report

Dawn on the 3rd, elements of the SRWLF cross the Severn to the South of the city with the intention of striking a blow against the government, they had received word of a BUF column returning from the Malvern Hill Forts.

Setting up a road block at the road junction of Wick and Upton, the SRWLF lined the hedge row awaiting the approach of the BUF Column.

The Fascists column is made up 3 Platoons of BUF Troopers, supported by an Armoured Car, Heavy Weapons and a section of Police.

The opening burst of fire hits the fuel tank of the first vehicle blowing it up and killing all of the Police inside. (The curse of freshly painted figures continues.)
The BUF debus with the intention of forcing the attackers from the hedge row, however the rate of fire from the SRWLF forces the BUF to seek cover behind their own vehicles.

The Road is becoming a death trap, the fascists attempt to deploy their HMG team only for it to be cut down by the accurate fire from the Canal workers.

It's only when the Armoured Car turns it's Lewis gun on the hedge row that relief comes to the BUF.
The Fascists attempt to flank the ambushers but the vehicles become bogged down forcing the BUF to advance on foot taking more fire from the SRWLF defending the stone wall.

The Armoured Car attempts to clear the road, crashing into the road block and whilst it clears the way it stalls on impact and is soon swamped by the surrounding SRWLF.

With the Armoured Car lost and all Heavy Weapons destroyed the BUF are forced to leave the table just as they start to flank the defenders.

First blood to the SRWLF and the initiative firmly with the anti-government forces.

We used the Operation Overlord rules and the encounter was wrapped up in under 3 hours.

Friday, 7 May 2010

The City of Worcester 1938

With the King residing in the County at Madresfield Court, Worcester has stuck to it's long held motto of "Civitas in bello et pace fidelis" - The City Faithful in War & Peace.
The City maintains a moderate pro government stance with reluctant support from the regular royalist forces and local Worcester City police.

Whilst largely peaceful as the crisis in the country unfolds a number of opposition groups have sprung up, notably armed elements from the Severn Riverside, Wharf, Labours Federation (SRWLF) with an enclave in the diglis area.

This group is supported by communists out of Birmingham and armaments being shipped over the Malverns from the Anglican's based in Hereford.
To counter this the BUF have positioned Garrisons at Wyche Cutting and various high points across the Malverns.

How long the City can remain faithful remains to be seen.

Monday, 3 May 2010

1938 A Very British Civil War

Having been following the Gentleman's Wargames Parlour on a British Civil War in an alternative 1930's over the last 12 months, I thought I would use this opportunity to create a blog for our next campaigning season.

Solway Crafts and Miniatures have published the source book by Dr Rob Jones, Steven Mortimore and Simon Douglas. The source book, which is not rules specific, provides a background for an alternative history where Edward VIII did not abdicate provoking a constitutional crisis which leads ultimately to confrontation and civil war.

The booklet and supporting source books provides a background and sufficient information for building armies to fight battles in this era; using local history alongside the narrative to create your own campaigns and units.