Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Campaign Week 1 Report

Dawn on the 3rd, elements of the SRWLF cross the Severn to the South of the city with the intention of striking a blow against the government, they had received word of a BUF column returning from the Malvern Hill Forts.

Setting up a road block at the road junction of Wick and Upton, the SRWLF lined the hedge row awaiting the approach of the BUF Column.

The Fascists column is made up 3 Platoons of BUF Troopers, supported by an Armoured Car, Heavy Weapons and a section of Police.

The opening burst of fire hits the fuel tank of the first vehicle blowing it up and killing all of the Police inside. (The curse of freshly painted figures continues.)
The BUF debus with the intention of forcing the attackers from the hedge row, however the rate of fire from the SRWLF forces the BUF to seek cover behind their own vehicles.

The Road is becoming a death trap, the fascists attempt to deploy their HMG team only for it to be cut down by the accurate fire from the Canal workers.

It's only when the Armoured Car turns it's Lewis gun on the hedge row that relief comes to the BUF.
The Fascists attempt to flank the ambushers but the vehicles become bogged down forcing the BUF to advance on foot taking more fire from the SRWLF defending the stone wall.

The Armoured Car attempts to clear the road, crashing into the road block and whilst it clears the way it stalls on impact and is soon swamped by the surrounding SRWLF.

With the Armoured Car lost and all Heavy Weapons destroyed the BUF are forced to leave the table just as they start to flank the defenders.

First blood to the SRWLF and the initiative firmly with the anti-government forces.

We used the Operation Overlord rules and the encounter was wrapped up in under 3 hours.

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  1. Which miniatures are you using for the BUF in the pillbox style caps?