Friday, 2 July 2010

Campaign Week 4 Report. - "Rise of the League"

Led by the Reverend Albert Fellows , the Anglican League supporters in Worcester have so far been restricted to doing little more than defend their base of power, the parish of Henwick.

Indeed the only offensive operation they have conducted up until now has been to take pot shots across the Severn at Royalist and BUF forces, with little significant result except expend precious rounds of ammunition.

Frustrated by an inability to conduct more aggressive actions , Fellows has been conducting a war of words against the enemies of the Anglican League from the pulpit of St Clements church , regularly delivering inspiring and fearsome sermons to his congregation .

However an influx of League supporters and much needed supplies provided by Anglican Forces from Hereford via the Malverns has led Reverend Fellows to pronounce that the time has come for the Henwick Anglican Militia ( of HAM as it is referred to by all and sundry ) to take the fight to the enemy , and not to rest until the Anglican League flag flies over Worcester Cathedral !

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