Sunday, 10 October 2010

Save that Gun !!!!

Since the opening salvo in the war things have been quiet for the Astwood Defence Association. They had guarded their parish boundary from "wrong'uns" and had cooperated with the authorities when required to do so.

With 149 men to call upon and a WW1 Artillery piece as the centre of power they believed they could see out the current difficulties until peace resumed.

That was until the crack down, fliers were posted at the guildhall requesting that all weapons were handed in to the Government to aid in the war effort. Sources within the council has indicated to the ADA that if they did not offer up the Artillery piece it would be taken by force.

With the gun they knew they would be easy pickings for other stronger forces close by. The Gun would have to be moved, if only they had time....


High Trees Farm and the surrounding countryside, the ADA had to get the gun off table it would take three turns to limber up the gun and get it off table.

The Government forces advance on three fronts hoping to cut off all escape returns for the ADA and their valuable treasure.


The Lewis Gun in the farm house opens up and forces the eastern squad to go to ground after receiving a number of casualties.


The BUF advance towards the Orchard where a number of the ADA are hunkered down.


Meanwhile to the South the Police debus to cut off any escape route.

Still unclear which route the ADA have chosen to leave the table the government attempt to block off every route, from the farm yard the rumble of an engine is heard as the bus to carry the gun is started up.


The lewis gun continues to pin the eastern forces, whilst in the south the ADA rush forward to force the police from the road a heavy firefight ensues and despite the police rushing the hedge row they are forced back with a number of casualties.

The ADA seize their opportunity to breakout of the farm house and turn south.


The BUF rush down the road firing on the road, they manage to shoot a tire out on the coach slowing it's movement but are forced in to cover as several of their number are cut down from that damned lewis gun.


Despite recovering their morale the Police in the south do not have enough strength to stop the gun being whisked away.

The encountered was played using the Operation Overlord rule set, the Government forces suffered 6 Killed and 11 wounded, whilst the ADA lost 4 of their number and 3 killed.

The encounter took just under 3 hours to play out.